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L&Co are fully committed to excellence in customer services. We offer a wide range of beauty services, products and treatments to suit all of your needs. Laura Price, owner of the L&Co salon is a fully qualified beauty therapist and nail technician. Laura has NVQ level 2 and 3 qualifications and is fully trained with all Bio Sculpture systems and HD Brows. As well as 5 years experience working in salons Laura also has been running her own business for the past 18 months. We stock a large range of beauty products and supplies, including leading brands such as HD Brow, Lets go Lashes, Bio Sculpture, OPI, Australian Body Care & much more and would like to invite all existing and new clients into the beauty salon. L&Co will also be offering Wrinkle Relaxing Injections. Working in conjunction with Karen Anderson nurse practitioner.
Karen has been a nurse for 25 years and has an excellent reputation. Karen was one of the youngest sisters in Yorkshire and is renowned for her professionalism and nursing knowledge. She is a specialist in several areas of nursing and has recently served a two year apprenticeship with Carol Suter after carrying out her initial aesthetics training at Wigmore Medical in London.
The Lengthy apprenticeship in Aesthetics is unheard of as many newly qualified nurses are treating clients as soon as they have spent a few days training. This was not professionally good enough for Karen, as, like Carol, only the best is good enough for her clients. Consultations are free and Karen is more than happy to chat about the treatments available.


Beauty Products


Allergy test required prior to all tint & lash extension treatments. Free of charge please ask for details

HD Brows - £25.00

Brow shape (waxing, threading or tweezing) - £6.00

Brow Tint & Shape - £15.00

LVL Lashes -  £49.00

Lash tint - £9.00

Strip Lashes (includes lashes) - £10.00

Lash Fillers - £25.00

Individual Lashes - £35.00


Manicure (shape, cuticle tidy, condition, massage & paint) - £16.00

Mini manicure (shape, cuticle tidy, condition, massage & paint) - £12.00

File and paint - £9.00

UV mini manicure (chip free, instantly dry, long lasting) - £22.00

Gel overlay (gel coating for weaker nails, colour, French or clear) - £26.50

Soak off and finish - £10.00

Nail extensions - gel or acrylic - £35.00

Infill - after 2-3 weeks - £22.50


Pedicure (with massage and paint) - £18.00

Mini pedicure (tidy cuticles and paint) - £12.00

File and paint - £9.00

UV mini pedicure (instantly dry chip free) - £22.00

UV pedicure - £30.00

Minx - £35.00

Waxing & Threading

Ankle to knee wax - £14.00

Full leg wax - £19.00

Underarm wax - £6.00

Bikini wax - £8.00

Brazilian - £15.00

Hollywood - £20.00

Back wax - £15.00

Forearm - £10.00

Chest wax - £15.00

Lip or chin - waxing or threading - £5.00

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections 1 Area - £POA

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections 2 Areas - £POA

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections 3-5 Areas - £POA

Juvederm 2 0.55ml - £POA

Juvederm 3 0.55ml - £POA

Juvederm 3 1ml - £POA

Juvederm 4 1ml - £POA

Radiesse 0.8ml - £POA

Radiesse 1.5ml - £POA


Phone: 01777 948530

Post: L&Co Beauty, 24A The Square, Retford, Nottinghamshire, DN22 6DQ

Email: info@landcobeauty.co.uk



Launch Evening

L&Co would like to thank all old and new clients who to came down to the Salon on Monday 2nd March for a Launch Evening. It was a successful evening all round.

Hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did and hope to see you soon.





Laura Price

L&Co Owner

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Monday: By Appointment Only

Tuesday: 9am - 5pm

Wednesday: 9am - 7pm

Thursday: 9am - 4pm

Friday: 9am - 6pm

Saturday: 9am - 3pm

Sunday: Closed